Johnsy - Bleeds for the ClubWith much of the interest gone from the AFL Finals this year following Hawthorn’s shock loss to the Kangaroos last night, it’s time to focus on something else that matters in our lives. Trivia.

The Swans blog has already revealed a “plethora of Johnsies” who are brushing past our Club: Swans President – Phil Johnsy. New Saigon Super Recruit: Matt Johnsy. Goal umpire at the Hong Kong Dragons match: Biggles (the author of the Biggles Books is Capt. WE Johnsy). Then of course, from rugby, we’ve had Andrew Johnsy in the news saying that he was always drugged up during his playing career.

Last week, the Blackburn Football Club in Melbourne put out their weekly newsletter with a picture (reproduced above) of Graz Johnsy with blood gushing everywhere – specifically, over his forearm. The caption on the photo says, Last round action: With Johnsy prepared to bleed for the Club, let’s hope we can get more members, more sponsors, more supporters and more wins for season 2008.

The Swans blog believes there’s a fair bit more to this story than just a flippant caption. Much more. The beauty is that Johnsy will be jetting into Hanoi for the Vietnam Swans AFL Grand Final Party on 29 September which means we’ll be able to ask him ourselves what really happened. Gee, imagine if the hard-hitting and opinionated Taber gets a crack at him. Could be some real fireworks as we seek to find out, among other things, a) is the blood Johnsy’s? b) was the Blood Rule invoked? and c) etc.

Gee whiz, two weeks out from the Grand Final Party and we’ve all ready got high drama. It’s shaping up to be one of the all-time classic Parties.