Life Members
  • Nicholas “Nicko” Shiells
    Nicholas “Nicko” Shiells

    Years Active: 2008 - 2014

    Inducted: 2013

    Position/s: Centre and forward (never backline)

    Awards/Honours: Saigon President, Saigon Committee


    Nicko’s passion for the Swannies and for footy in Asia knew no bounds. On the field, he loved nothing more than bursting through a pack and unloading a raking kick at goal. Upon booting a goal at his so-called Vung Tau “Dog Track of Pain” on ANZAC Weekend, Nicko’s clenched fists would push down to the ground. The veins in his throat would pop out as he roared to the heavens, exhorting more. Off the field, he was a strategic thinker for both the Swannies and Asian footy. His No. 10 jumper lives on with the Swannies.

  • Damien “Damo” Judd
    Damien “Damo” Judd

    Years Active: 2007 - 2018

    Inducted: 2016

    Position/s: Backman, Ruckman


    Damo was a rock for the Swans, steamrolling many opponents as a defender and ruckman. He was the fifth Saigon-based member of the Swans, with a club career stretching all the way back to 2007… right about the time the Swans started winning some games!

    A veteran on tour, very few of the Vietnam Swans have played more games than Damo. His return to Sydney saw all the local bars of Saigon wear black arm bands for a week.

  • Mark “Willy” Williams
    Mark “Willy” Williams

    Inducted: 2016

    Position/s: On Baller, Ruck Rover


    Willy first became involved with the Hanoi Swans back in 2003. Upon a chance visit to the Al Fresco’s Pepperonis restaurant Willy’s life would change direction, as he discovered a group of AFL blokes who wanted to see football grow within Vietnam. Later in that year, under the direction and guidance of Swans stalwarts like Wayne ‘Bubbles’ Tinlin, Mick Francis and Paul ‘Potsy’ Beasy, Willy was fortunate enough to play in the Hanoi Swans’ first international tournament against the Hong Kong Dragons and Thailand Tigers.

    Willy left back to Australia at the end of that year but would then eventually resettle in Hanoi in 2008. He enjoyed his time with the Vietnam Swans in the north over the next four years to eventually become the Hanoi President in 2009-11. Willy took part in many tours including Malaysia, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia playing mainly as a ruck rover. Willy captained the winning northerners side which played the southern Swans in the first Vung Tau match in 2010. A young growing family saw him return to Melbourne in 2011.

    Willy still takes a keen interest in the mighty Vietnam Swans and enjoys the catch up and comradery that goes hand in hand with the annual MCG Swannies Boxing day. And as Willy would say, “Go you Swannies!!’

  • “Billy” Crang
    “Billy” Crang

    Years Active: 2009 - forever

    Inducted: 2016

    Position/s: Fullback

    Awards/Honours: Captain, Runner-up Best and Fairest


    Billy arrived in Saigon with a limited football pedigree, more interested in heading to the beach than a football field. He unassumingly began training and touring with the club, with his debut on the ANZAC tour to Kanchanaburi way back in 2009 (where the Club enticed him as a photographer). He quickly found success as a key position player in defence.

    Billy was instated as captain of the Swans during one of the semi-regular periods of upheaval that most expat sports will be familiar with. It was in this role that he grew to create a huge impact across all areas of the Club. In a 4-year period he became involved across on and off field issues and helped shape the Club’s ongoing development into what it is today. He continues to support on the committee and uses his experience in the Club’s growth to continually help develop our direction, balancing our past successes and strengths and new opportunities and challenges.

    In 2019 he will head deep into defense in his 11th ANZAC Match in Swans colours, 10th in Vung Tau. It’s a testament to his durability within the Club’s playing group.

  • Adam Macdonald
    Adam Macdonald

    Years Active: 2012 - 2016

    Inducted: 2016

    Position/s: Umpire Extraordinaire


    Adam bought unique level of expertise behind the whistle to the Swans. With a career officiating at the highest level including at a packed MCG on ANZAC Day Adam was able to bring quality and fairness to Swannies games throughout his time in Vietnam. As the hardest job on the field by a mile, a professional and reasonable approach behind the whistle ensures all competitors have a better game experience. Adam was kind enough to travel far and wide with the Swans bringing that level of quality on field

    But on field officiating was just the beginning, as the GM of Hanoi West Lakes Intercontintal hotel Adam provided a huge amount of support to hosting and organizing the Hanoi AFL Asia Grand Final Party during his time in Vietnam. Crowds grew year on year as Adam and his team put on by far the best show in town helping put the Swans Grand Final Party in the North on the map as the biggest and best party in town.

    Adam also gave time to via the Hanoi Committee to continued club development and his insights from the highest levels of the sport in Australia were huge in our growth through his time in Vietnam.

  • Dan “Crazy” Hopkins
    Dan “Crazy” Hopkins

    Years Active: 2009 - current

    Inducted: 2016

    Position/s: Centre Half Back, Full Back

    Awards/Honours: Hanoi Committee

  • Dan Morrison
    Dan Morrison

    Years Active: 2012 - 2017

    Inducted: 2017

    Position/s: Backman

    Awards/Honours: Saigon Committee

  • Kyle Hackenberg
    Kyle Hackenberg

    Years Active: 2010 - present

    Inducted: 2018

    Position/s: Forward

    Awards/Honours: Saigon Committee (2012-2015)


    Kyle is our 8th inductee as a Life Member of the Swans.

    Big Kyle turned up at training in mid-2010 aged 43 not having touched, let alone kicked, a Sherrin Footy in his life. Over the years, Kyle built a reputation of always supporting his mates and having a go. He was as tough as they come, never taking a backward step. His old rugby league skills were unique amongst the Swans, especially his “don’t argue” fending. Kyle even kicked a few goals over the years.

    Off the field, Kyle fulfilled many support roles for the club by assisting the committee over a few seasons. He was also a regular at grand final events, becoming a legend for his raffle selling abilities. He also supported training with the best drinks selection. Most importantly, Kyle always reached out to new members to make them feel part of the Swannies.

  • Andrew “Andy G” Glendinning
    Andrew “Andy G” Glendinning

    Years Active: 2012-forever

    Inducted: 2018

    Position/s: Midfield, Forward, Coach

    Awards/Honours: Manila Cup & Multi ICC Winning Coach


    Andy G is our 9th inductee and bought a strong footy pedigree to the Swans as a player. Dangerous around the stoppages and with an uncanny goal sense, Andy added wily experience to the Swans and could be relied on in clutch games.

    It was during Andy’s 3-year stretch as player-coach that the Swans won several Indochina Cups and also the Club’s first major tournament win against all-comers: a stirring victory at the Manila Cup in 2015. He’s always helped off-field, volunteering at key events like our Grand Final Parties and ANZAC Day games in Saigon.

    Andy’s family have become a part of the Swans. His bucks was a memorable Swans tour to Bangkok, his wedding to the beautiful Yen one of the greatest Swans functions ever and Kien had become a regular fixture on Swannies tours by the ripe age of 1 year old!

    With a comfortable family life built in Saigon connected to the Swans, Andy G will long be a huge part of our club’s continued growth.

  • Ron and Ailsa Vernon
    Ron and Ailsa Vernon

    Years Active: 2010 - present

    Inducted: 2019


    Ron and Ailsa have been a huge part of the charitable activities that surround the ANZAC Friendship Match. They’ve supported the Centre for Social Protection of Children for a long period of time, raising over $100,000 AUD (at last count) to assist disadvantaged children.

    In addition to a strong history of supporting charities in Vung Tau, Ron actually played in the team that claimed the very first premiership of the Vietnam Football League. These days, Ron speaks at the ANZAC Friendship Match to pass on the key messages he’s learned to the next generation of players. As a player at the Vietnam Swans, it’s an honour to be addressed by Ron and it’s an essential part of the ANZAC Friendship Match.

    In 2019 (on the eve of awarding Life Membership to Ron and Ailsa), Phil Johns interviewed Ron about his work with charity and his reflections on the ANZAC Friendship Match:

    The Vietnam Swans are very grateful for Ron and Ailsa’s ongoing support. You might also be interested to read our interview with Ron and Ailsa from 2018.

  • Stan Middleton OAM
    Stan Middleton OAM

    Years Active: 2010 - present

    Inducted: 2019


    Stan has fulfilled a vital role in connecting the Vietnam Swans to the history of the Vietnam Football League. Stan played with 2AOD in 1967 and 1968, and has been a driving force in keeping Veterans who played in the Vietnam Football League together over time. As a result, Stan had access to a large trove of historical photos and records. He’s written extensively on the topic and has been an incredible resource for the Vietnam Swans to learn about the history of footy in Vietnam.

    Stan is also highly active in supporting charities in Vietnam, including Water Safety Vietnam.

    In 2019 (on the eve of awarding Life Membership to Stan), Phil Johns interviewed Stan about his important role with the Swans and in other communities:

    The Vietnam Swans are very grateful to Stan’s support and that of his wife, Sinh.

    In 2019, Stan was also recognised for his service to the Veteran community with an Order of Australia (OAM).  You can read more about Stan’s OAM at our announcement of the news.

  • Glenn Nolan
    Glenn Nolan

    Years Active: 2010 - present

    Inducted: 2019


    Glenn Nolan has been involved with the ANZAC Friendship Match since the very first game in 2010. When the Vietnam Swans were trying to get the game to happen, Glenn was a vital ‘yes’ man that made it all possible.

    He’s subsequently played a key role in making the event better each year and building strong connections with charities in Vung Tau. Glenn has also been a key focal point for the Vietnam Swans to engage with the wider Vung Tau community.

    Glenn has built a staggering collection of Swannies memorabilia over the years. While the Vietnam Swans don’t currently have a clubhouse, Glenn has promised to deck out any new facilities with prized items from the collection.

    In 2019 (on the eve of awarding Life Membership to Glenn), Phil Johns interviewed Glenn about his important role with the Swans in starting and building the ANZAC Friendship Match over 10 years:

    The Vietnam Swans are very grateful to Glenn’s support and that of his wife, Trang.

  • Dan Lucardie
    Dan Lucardie

    Years Active: 2007 - 2019

    Inducted: 2019

    Position/s: Defender


    Dan Lucardie is our 14th inductee as a Life Member. Dan has been a club legend for over 13 years. Based in the North of Vietnam, he has been an all-round contributor and supporter throughout his time.

    Dan was a true defender on the field, but his debut for the Swans was noteworthy! He kicked 6 goals in his very first tournament at the Indo China Cup in Laos in 2010.

    Dan was a significant contributor off the field, focusing on youth development. As a family man, he has been heavily involved in Auskick programs in the North, including programs with UNIS.

    Thanks for all your support Dan, and best of luck for your return to Australia!

  • Mairead ‘Maz’ Scanlon
    Mairead ‘Maz’ Scanlon

    Years Active: 2012 - 2017

    Inducted: 2019

    Position/s: Full Forward


    Maz provided a unique energy to the Swans over 5 seasons. She brought passion and action to the committee, driving off-field events like the Asian Champs in Saigon, ANZAC Day and several Grand Final parties.

    Perhaps even more importantly, Maz’ love for the game helped us establish the links to grow an active group of Ladies playing the game. This group went on to take the field in the first ever AFLW game in Asia at the 2016 Champs in Saigon. This set the scene for the subsequent debut of the Lady Swans in 2018.

    Congratulations Maz!

  • James ‘Jimmy B’ Bairstow
    James ‘Jimmy B’ Bairstow

    Years Active: 2014 - 2019

    Inducted: 2019

    Position/s: Ruck / CHB

    Awards/Honours: 2018 B&F, 2x RU B&F, Leadership Group


    Over six seasons in Saigon, Jimmy B grew into an on- and off-field pillar of the Swans. A club like the Swans moves significantly over that time period and Jimmy has stayed constant throughout.

    Jimmy’s played a leadership role when the Swans were on the field. An early high point was BOG in the Swan’s win in the 2015 Manila Cup.  He’s maintained this level since, taking out the 2018 Best & Fairest and being a key part of the leadership group in 2018 and 2019, two of the Swans most successful on field seasons.

    Off field, Jimmy has continued to grow his input, driving the overall committee direction whilst elevating the Swans’ online communications. Comms help the club to grow, gain awareness amongst sponsors and community, and further develop our key concepts like AFL-X, local development and AFL Grand Final events.

    On and off-field this contribution has had a huge impact on the Swan’s direction and strength.

  • Derrin “Dez” Limbrick
    Derrin “Dez” Limbrick

    Years Active: 3

    Inducted: 2021

    Position/s: Saigon President


    Dez was a can do clubman, both on and off the field.

    On the field, Dez was a key position player who could swing to both ends of the ground, and was fierce in the contest with good skills.

    Off field, he (and wife Fleur) was a real mover and shaker, who just got things done instigating a willingness to tour and building on and off field passion through the club in Saigon. 

    His 3 years as Saigon President were a big reason we were able to get solid foundations set within the southern organization of the newly formed National Vietnam Swans, this work formed the foundation of the success in terms of sponsorship and player attraction/development

    Dez was working for Crown Relocations and was also able to secure a sponsorship for the club, a sponsorship that still remains today.

  • Luke “Dukesy” Creamer
    Luke “Dukesy” Creamer

    Years Active: 5

    Inducted: 2021

    Position/s: Captain

    Awards/Honours: 4 x Best & Fairest


    Dukesy was obviously a gun on field, hence having the men’s club best and fairest award named in his honor.

    Not necessarily always the best every minute as it would appear with 4 best and fairest awards, but when it was time to stand up and make a mark on the game in a key moment, he was the man that always fou d a way.

    Whether that was hard at it in a midfield contest, or taking a strong contested mark and kicking truly, he could do it all.

    For such a nice guy, on the field he was fierce competitor who always played with pride when donning the Swannies guernsey. Vietnams loss is certainly Cambodia’s gain, although, when the Cannonball the Cannonball run comes about, you can see he is still a little torn, due to his loyalty to this great club.

  • Nathan Milner and Sean Milner
    Nathan Milner and Sean Milner

    Years Active: 11

    Inducted: 2021

    Position/s: All positions

    Awards/Honours: Best & Fairest


    What can we say about these two blokes. I was going to do them seperao, but that just didn’t feel right, as they are two of the closest brothers you would ever meet.

    So it is only fitting that I do these inductions together.

    As many of you in this room can attest two, these blokes are as hard as it comes in the field. Their tenacity and never say die attitude when representing the Swans is something I am always so proud to see as President.

    My favorite moments of the pair however, is when they line up on each other in internal club games, there is not an inch given by either.

    They are players with very different attributes, Sean, the silky left footer whose delivery is some of the best in Asia and Nate whose closing speed to a contest keeps forwards looking over their shoulder all day. Nate has a little bit more of the old white line fever, but Sean is always there to lend him support, as any good brother does.

    Off the field, they are always first to put their hands up to help new players integrate into the club, there grasp of the local language is also a great asset to the club as they are able to bridge the language barrier for the coaches.

    They also regularly pitch in for events by volunteering their time and also by providing prizes for the clubs fundraising activities

  • Paul “Mitter Powell” Koch
    Paul “Mitter Powell” Koch

    Years Active: 14

    Inducted: 2021

    Position/s: Full Forward and Ruck

    Awards/Honours: Sponsor, Committee


    Having received some words about this next inductee, there was a common thread, Grumpy. I have never witnessed it, so won’t believe these words. Mr Powell has been a long time supporter and sponsor of the Vietnam Swans which has always been greatly appreciated.

    On the field, he was a key tall, and like any key tall, would be as sorry as anyone and the first to let you know if you didn’t honour one of his leads. More known now for his off field athleticism than on field, he is a cornerstone and powerhouse in the Swannies Saigon social scene. He continues to live the dream in Vietnam, building the world’s best yachts and supporting the Saigon bars, but again, still grumpy.

  • Eric Kerrison
    Eric Kerrison

    Years Active: 7

    Inducted: 2021

    Position/s: Centre Half Back, Bench Rotation

    Awards/Honours: President 2017-2021


    Kerro’s induction was kept seperate from the initial 5 as the president himself had to be kept out of the loop. However there’s no-one more deserving of the Life Membership than the Prez himself. In his years as President Kerro has been tireless in pushing the club to new levels. Never was this more apparent than in 2020, the year that expat footy took a back seat across Asia (and the world) Kerro was creating new platforms to elevate the sport in Vietnam. Firstly through great inclusion in Hanoian training leading to a series of North vs South games. Later in the year as internal strength became the clear future ingredient in a successul Asian football team the Hanoi AFL was launched bringing over 60 players in 4 teams together to play a fun, competitive, social league. Now in 2021 we’re extending this movement to the Vietnam Football League and Kerro has been the backbone amongst it all.

    Kerro continues to push the club forwards in all areas, on field and off, and everyone at the club is very appreciative of the efforts!

  • Chia Sabbatucci
    Chia Sabbatucci

    Years Active: 6

    Inducted: 2022

    Position/s: AFLW Founder, AFLW Coach, Committee Member

    Awards/Honours: Asian Champ


    Chia came across from Jakarta with a passion for getting things done. Luckily it was just the time the AFLW movement was set to sweep through Asia and Chia put ahead of the movement resulting in the Swans being crowned Asian Champs in the very first AFLW Asian Champs in 2018. Beyond the on field success Chia built a new side to our club full of energy, excitement and passion.

    Throughout all of this she contributed at committee level bringing some of her Jakarta experience to our AFL Grand Final Parties in Saigon which have hit new heights in recent years.

    Chia’s Life Membership announcement should come as no surprise as her presence has made the Swans a significantly better club in several ways.

  • Naomi Reidy
    Naomi Reidy

    Years Active: 6

    Inducted: 2022

    Position/s: AFLW Captain, Committee Member

    Awards/Honours: Asian Champ 2018, All Asian 2018 & 2019, B&F 2018 & 2019, 2018 ICC Player of the Tournament


    Naomi has been an outstanding on field leader throughout the Swans AFLW development and of course in winning the 2018 AFLW Asian Championships.

    She has bought an energy that has helped us establish and grow the women’s chapter of our club from foundation until today. Naomi leads from the front as captain and team star, despite being ‘foreign’ to the game she never fails to help every single one of her team mates better their craft.

    Off the field Naomi has always contributed both as committee member and in bringing a fantastic social attitude and a valuable conduit between the Swans and Saigon Gaels.

    Want to get to know Naomi better – check out her Keep Honking Podcast episode here

  • Nguyen Quang Vinh
    Nguyen Quang Vinh

    Years Active: 8

    Inducted: 2022

    Position/s: Committee Member

    Awards/Honours: Player of the tournament (2015-6 9s), Rising Star 2016 Indochina Cup Local player of the year 2016, Named in Best Players for Indochina at AFL Asian Champs 2016,


    Every successful movement can be traced back to 1 key moment and for the Vietnam Swans local development it was clearly the day that Vinh came across from a frisbee game and asked to join our off-season AFL 9s tournament. Vinh, a passionate athlete took to the new sport like a duck to water and became the successful example we needed to build the foundations of a program that to this day underpins the club’s success today and into the future.

    Vinh has developed into a key member of the Swans on the field but also helped to create an environment that new Vietnamese players can easily join and enjoy. He has also contributed at committee level and continues to mentor younger Swans as they discover AFL.

    It’s fitting that Vinh was inducted in 2022 given this year he will leave Vietnam later in the year but will always be a crucial part of the Swans local development achievements!

  • Tim Pickert
    Tim Pickert

    Years Active: 2011 - Present

    Inducted: 2023

    Position/s: Coach, Sponsor, Committee


    Excerpt from induction by Bill Crang at the 2023 McMillan Dinner:

    I’ve seen alot of people get these honours, and I can safely say this is one of the top few most deserving Life Memberships the club has ever handed out.

    Technically the life member membership is meant for someone who has put in around 5 years of exceptional effort to the footy club. In actual fact this person has put in 10 or more years and it’s only the fact that some complications including family and work have reduced his time as a resident here in Vietnam that this hasn’t happened earlier.

    But despite all that, at no time did that stop his contribution to our footy club. From that first day a random third party introduction in Phnom Penh led to him pulling on our jumper, this bloke has been as bigger part of this footy club as anyone.

    Even through so many years not able to reside here in Vietnam he was able to be a club sponsor a regular tourer, one of our best players and always one of the heart-beats of the footy club.

    It’s kind of good that its taken this long, because as we’re doing this here tonight this guy has taken his contribution to the swans to a whole new level. He is seeing to it that our club not only remains respected but grows into one of if not the most respected clubs in the land. It’s been fantastic to watch!

    I’ve known this for a long time but now every single one of our men’s players knows that this bloke is one of the very best mates you could ever have in life. He’s drawing this playing group into something really special and he should be really proud of that because it’s a mirror of his own selfless energy.

    Today was a challenge, not so much today but the week leading up where the very best light plans were absolutely destroyed. We got through it, it wasn’t a single handed effort, but our latest Life member’s effort made a lot of the difference to not only save our club’s biggest and best event for the year but to ensure it has been an outstanding part of a year that promises to be the best ever.

    Whether you’ve been at this club 10 days or 10 years I think it’s pretty clear who I’m talking about… Coach Timmy Pickett must be and now is a life member of the Vietnam swans, congratulations Timmy!!!

  • Shane Macfarlane
    Shane Macfarlane

    Years Active: 2015 - present

    Inducted: 2023

    Position/s: Treasurer, Sponsor


    Shane Macfarlane hit the ground running in Vietnam landing in Saigon. Using his knowledge of Asian footy gained in a stint with the Malaysian Warriors and getting in touch with the footy team and out to training and touring that very weekend. He hasn’t looked back!

    Over 8 years Shane has been a generous sponsor of the club via his company Expat Taxes, has been a key player up forward and in the thick of things, has toured almost religiously, has served as Treasurer and supported the club in every way possible. He has also bought a passion and energy to the social fabric of the Swans that is one of the key fabrics of what makes the club such a special one.

    Congratulations on the Life Membership!

  • Jake Norris
    Jake Norris

    Years Active: 2015-Present

    Inducted: 2023

    Position/s: Captain, Northern Coach

    Awards/Honours: Coaches Award, Tournament Winning Captain


    Jake ‘Burra’ Norris first arrived on the Hanoi scene as a fresh faced young man back in 2016, and it didn’t take him long to settle into the lifestyle of Hanoi and all it had to offer, with his enthusiasm for travel and the love of a countryside ‘hoi’ he had found a new home.

    This love of his new home has been a blessing for the club as, after 7 years, he continues to be a regular member, coach and social driver of the Vietnam Swans Hanoi contingent.

    But, it has been on the field, where Jake has excelled for the Vietnam Swans. He is passionate and fiercely competitive, and gives his all every time he crosses that white line, leaving nothing in the tank by the end of the game.

    The club has also had the honor of having Jake as one of the club co captains for the past 5 years, leading the team with distinction. It is no coincidence that during this time, the club has achieved some of its greatest success.

    Jake is a very deserving recipient of this honor!

  • Katie Walsh
    Katie Walsh

    Years Active: 2018 - Present

    Inducted: 2023

    Awards/Honours: Coaches Award, Mum of the year 5 x Straight


    Katie Walsh first joined the Lady Swans ranks in the inaugural 2018 season in which the club exceeded all expectations taking out major honours winning both the Indo China Cup and the prized Asian Championships.
    As a tough but fair South Australian Katie has been the tall timber backbone of the Lady Swans for the past 5 years quite literally towering over opponents be that as a mark grabbing forward or a hard tackling defender.
    Off the field Katie is always one to raise her hand to help with getting things done and is not one to shy away from a few beers in front of the footie either.

    Finally, Katie has also provided the Lady Swans with two standout players in the form of daughters Hannah and Ella both having lit up the field in recent years. She’s a player, a mother and a friend now she’s a life member.

    Congratulations Katie!

  • Josh Lee
    Josh Lee

    Years Active: 4

    Inducted: 2024

    Position/s: National President


    Josh Lee is the definition of a great club man! Arrived in Vietnam aware of the football club and got involved straight away. A tireless midfielder or flanker always willing to fight alongside team mates. It wasn’t long until Josh volunteered to fill the vacancy as club president.

    In the role Josh managed to balance stability and innovation. The most notable of these was forming a strong bond with the emerging Saigon Gaels Gaelic Football Club, emerging at the time with a passionate group of female players. The connection bought the majority of the Gaels across to try AFL, at the time the first club in Asia to have an active female playing group and creating fantastic ‘off’ season tournaments to keep the competitive juices flowing in the natural down times between International hit-outs. All of this lead to some of our clubs proudest moments including hosting the first ever women’s AFL game in Asia at the 2017 Asian Champs in Saigon and taking out the first ever Women’s Asian Championships in 2018 in Kuala Lumpur.

    Josh’s on and off field legacy have continued him staying closely connected to the club during his time in the region and now back in Australia.

    He was deservingly announced as a Life Member at the McMillan Dinner in 2024.

    Josh Lee Vietnam Swans Life Member

    Josh Lee Vietnam Swans Life Member