Gus, sporting a moustache for Movember, welcomes the Lao Elephants to international football during the first Indochina Cup, known at the time as the Tri Nations Cup, in Hanoi, November 2007.

The Vietnam Swans are pleased to confirm that the 2012 Indochina Cup will be held in Hanoi on Saturday, 17 November.

Permission from the relevant authorities was received yesterday to hold the game at the oval adjacent to My Dinh National Stadium.

This will be the first time that Hanoi has hosted the Indochina Cup since we hosted the Inaugural back in 2007 (which was known, at the time, as the Tri Nations Cup).

2007 was a big year for footy in Indochina. Not only was it the year that the Hanoi Swans transformed into the Vietnam Swans, it was also the year that the Lao Elephants debuted, playing their first match at the Tri Nations Cup.

The  2007 tournament was won by the Thailand Tigers. Vietnam Swans came second and the Lao Elephants filled third position. Cambodia would make its debut the following year as the Cambodian Kangaroos.

Thanks very much to Hanoi President, Dan Hopkins and others for securing the relevant permissions for Hanoi to host the 2012 Indochina Cup!

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