The prospectus for the 2013 Indochina Cup, 9 November, has been released.

The prospectus for the 2013 Indochina Cup, 9 November, has been released.

Steve Morrish is the President of the Cambodian Eagles. The Eagles will host the 7th Annual Indochina Cup in Phnom Penh on 9 November 2013.

Below is the President’s welcome from the 2013 ICC Prospectus.

On behalf of the Cambodian Eagles, welcome to the 7th Annual Indochina Cup.

This guide will provide you with all relevant information concerning the weekend’s events and general information about Phnom Penh.

Expat footy is primarily about building friendships between the teams of our region, staying fit and having fun. The players in this tournament share the fortune of playing a game we love in some fascinating places. Of course, most of us are also pretty competitive and this year, for the first time, we are introducing a perpetual trophy for the winning team to help stoke those competitive instincts.

The format for this year’s event will be similar to last year’s ICC in Hanoi, four teams playing each other once, with the team on top of the ladder at the end of those games being the winner of the Indochina Cup.

As in previous years, we have combined our football tournament with the Indochina Netball Cup organized by the netball teams in the region. We wish the netballers every success, and look forward to seeing them at the ground later in the afternoon, and then at the after party.

Phnom Penh is a surprisingly fun town with a vibrant night life. There are a lot of great bars and restaurants, it’s easy to get around, and the Cambodian people are super friendly.

Following the recent elections, there have been some protests from the losing party, but these have been fairly tame affairs. There is no need for visitors to be concerned about this.

To the players – the Cambodian Eagles hope you have an awesome time in Phnom Penh and we’ll be doing what we can to make sure that happens. If we can help in any way, just grab one of the Eagles players closest to you and ask.

The Draw

Round 1

  • Lao Elephants Vs Vietnam Swans
  • Thailand Tigers Vs Cambodian Eagles

Round 2

  • Lao Elephants Vs Thailand Tigers
  • Vietnam Swans Vs Cambodian Eagles

Round 3

  • Lao Elephants Vs Cambodian Eagles
  • Vietnam Swans Vs Thailand Tigers

To download the full prospectus, click onto 2013 ICC Prospectus.