As we come into the  ANZAC Friendship Weekend the heat in Vietnam is getting up into the mid thirties and will ensure that all teams are out through their paces! Our players have put in a lot of work in both ends of the country and we can’t wait for all 3 games!

Congratulations to everyone for pulling the boots on in Saigon and thanks to all the supporters and sponsors making the day possible.

ALL PLAYERS – Please be at the ground by 09:00am and where needed lend a hand throughout the day. Many hands make light work!


The Legends vs All Stars game is a long running tradition of the ANZAC Friendship Match. It was born out of the number of Swans players, family and friends who have been so caught up in the event’s pull that they continually want to be a part of the event. Returning, current and first time players in Vietnam are all welcome, with the game being based in Saigon this year we are hoping to see a few (in)famous faces pulling on the boots and turning the legs over!

One thing is for sure, the game is 100% for fun before and after but during those 4 quarters there’ll be plenty of desire to win and silky skills on display.

This year the magic of the Legends vs All Stars game continues with a fair share of “faces” looking to grace the field once again, sprinkled with some visitors from the motherland and a few of the current Swans squad who weren’t fortunate enough to make the men’s headliner. 

Players can still register for the Legends vs All Stars game but you must contact the club facebook page directly to ensure entry to RMIT!


It goes without saying, our women’s team had a very successful year in 2023 taking out both Asian Champs and ICC trophies. But, of course, with those achievements now comes the added pressure of expectation. The ladies will undoubtedly ramp things up another notch this year and look to test themselves first up with a gritty Hong Kong team on the horizon. With some changes to the playing group it’ll be on our leadership group and experienced players to guide our team to success in 2024.

Everyone on this team is going to contribute this year and if we can continue our pressure, hard-running and fierce competitiveness there is no doubt that there will be more success to be enjoyed in 2024!

Kathleen Quinn: Katie ‘Can’t believe her real name is actually Kathleen’ Quinn will lead the girls out and will do so in her usual aggressive, loud and inspirational manner. Some more forward time should see her bag some goals.

Alana Devenny: Alana ‘Micro-Nap’ Devenny surely won’t be sleeping on Saturday! This ferocious runner will add some extra midfield time to her game as she did at ICC. Her early season SAFL form had her in the best on field against the men.

Amy Banville: Amy ‘Bantz’ Banville burst onto the scene at Asian Champs and will once again be a goal threat in our forward line. Rumor has it she still feels robbed that Niamh stole her goal at Champs so watch for her to be keen to get on the goalkickers list on Saturday.

Aoife Brody: Aoife ‘Ball-Magnet’ Brody was our 2023 BnF winner and I have no doubt that we’ll see more of the same from her in 2024. Known for helping drive the ball out of the middle while also getting on the scoresheet, I’m excited to see what she brings against Hong Kong.

Charlotte Longe: Charlotte ‘I just wanna know how to kick it’ Longe brings added ruck support our team that will be missing All-Asian ruckman Lucy O’Rourke. I can confirm she knows how to kick it now!

Courtney McCrea: Courtney ‘See you at Crazy Night later’ McCrea has been a regular at training all year which will prove dividends. She’ll be part of a strong backline and will not back down from any challenge. In fact she’ll even be saying, “I want it that way!”

Do Hai Yen: Yen is another debutant in this team coming down from Hanoi. New to the game but her attendance and willingness to learn at training has been exceptional.

Eimear Grealy: Eimear ‘Please don’t put me on the wing’ Grealy will play an important role for us… on the wing. With Alana shifting to midfield look to see Eimear continue her great performance there from ICC.

Evrena Everard: Ev ‘Tough-Nut’ Everard is our midfield maestro and always the first one putting her head down to win a difficult ball. I’m looking forward to seeing her link up with her sister for the first time on a footy field!

Jennifer Murphy: Jen ‘I left High Tide just to be here’ Murphy will line-up in her usual position on the wing. She’s been incredibly consistent for us there, constantly intercepting the other team’s defensive exits.

Krista Bernard: Krista ‘Please put me on the wing’ Bernard will be a key part of a somewhat new-look backline. After the departures of Rhi and Molly last year, Krista’s experience and cool-head will be vital for our back 4 (don’t worry I promise you’ll get some wing time too!). 

Mary Eviston: Mary ‘Unreal’ Eviston has been a strong leader for our team for the past 12 months and a great attacking option out of the backline. It’ll be the 2nd last time she plays in a Swannies jumper so expect her to be full of energy.

Niamh Keating: Niamh ‘That’s Gasssssss’ Keating will have the added responsibility of extra ruck duties this weekend. After her heroics at Asian Champs she’ll be running on pure adrenaline and positive vibes all day!

Nguyen Thi Xuan Thuy: Lucy ‘AFL Asia poster-girl’ Nguyen recently went viral on Facebook with the article about her amazing contributions to the Vietnam Swans. However, I don’t expect her to play any different, with her wealth of experience being vital to our back 4.

Nguyễn Ngọc Lan Quỳnh: Ty ‘Time’ Nguyen played her first footy games at ICC and showed great promise! Relatively new to the game, Ty has been a very consistent trainer and will show no fear when attacking the football on Saturday.

Nguyen Thu Phuong: Phuong is coming down from Hanoi where she has been a long-term member of the Hanoi Celts. She’ll add depth to our backline and look to use her speed and agility to her advantage.

Nguyễn Thị Lan: Layla ‘Ladies Veteran’ Nguyen is one of our most experienced players. She constantly contributes to the club on and off the field and is a ferocious tackler which is very important to our forward line.

Olivia Maciaszek: Liv ‘Most likely to apologise to her opponent after tackling them’ Maciaszek is another that is playing their first game for us. She took approximately 30 seconds to learn how to kick a drop-punt and if she continues that quick learning expect to see her amongst our goalkickers!

Rebecca Williams: Beck ‘Katie dragged me down to AFL’ Williams will play her first game for the Swans and comes with a strong rugby background. Whilst she is new to footy, she has shown great instincts and will be a very competitive defender for us.

Sarah Everard: Sarah ‘WTF Ev I’m meant to be on holiday’ Everard is spending a couple of months in Vietnam… so why not join the Swannies! I saw her pick up a footy and instantly know how to kick it last week and I’m sure the talent runs deep in this family.

Trần Thị Phượng: Phuong ‘Can I please call you Fiona so it’s not confusing’ Tran is another experienced girl from the North. She is versatile and hungry for the ball and constantly makes it difficult for her defender to get the ball out of their backline.

Tran Tuyet Van: Do not underestimate Van ‘Size of a scooter, fights like a van’ Tran! While she may be one of the smaller players on the field she more than makes for it with her effort and positivity.


As with most clubs, we have had some departures and changes both on field and off field, coach Tim Pickert hands over the clipboard to Ryan ‘tish’ Tishler who assumes dual responsibilities as boht midfield bull and coach and while there are lots of familiar playing faces there are some exciting new additions as well.

Today we play host and welcome the Hong Kong Dragons who we matched up against last year, and while we won out winners that day we will not take these fellas lightly as they have been rejuvenating their playing stocks once more looking to once again climb the Asian footy ladder.

Swans 2023 ANZAC Friendship Match Men’s Squad

Will “Enter” Sandman

American, but that’s okay. Has elite foot skills and will come in handy when playing around the goals. Ever the salesman he’ll no doubt be selling a few candies on the field, both on the left side and right side.

Paul “Paul” Villanova

Known around the club as ‘Paul’. Paul will be one of the big targets down in the forward line. With his massive reach, Paul is hard to defend when he gets those arms up at its highest point. 

Cameron “Burger” King

Has a thirst for bags but it depends on what mindset he is in on game day. When he’s on, he’s on and will be looking to rack them up early on the scoreboard if we’re ever a chance of coming away with the win at the end of the day.

Wayne “Vince” McMahon

Loves an injury. Finds himself in the same position as last year with a fitness test to determine if he takes the field. An important player for us and will need his pace and footy smarts around our talls in the forward line.

Spencer “Forest” Whitaker

Reliable. Can pop him anywhere on the field and will never let you down. Played mostly forward against Malaysia and was rewarded with three goals through his hard work.

Cam “Ron Weasley” Pirret

Another one that you can play anywhere and he’ll run all day. Smart footballer that will get in good spots if playing forward and is an accurate kick for goal.

Jed “The Force is Strong in this One” Woodger

Unit. The big fella’s first game with the Swannies against Malaysia he really made his presence known providing a target around the ground and in the forward line. Will keep contesting all day.

Jono “Mmmk” Mackay

Was a ruckman but maybe too short to play there now. Valuable player to this team and won’t matter where he plays as he will perform like he always has.

Ryan “Javier Peña” Tishler

Plodder. Way past his prime that should have given it up years ago.

Sean “Bagels” Milner

Consistent footballer with a deadly left foot. Always says he’s not fit but will spend majority of minutes in the midfield. Could also sneak down the forward line and jag a couple.

Nath “Mild-Mannered” Milner: Can sometimes be competitive and always respects the umpire’s decisions. Has great closing speed and will provide rebounds from the defensive 50. Can always count on Nato to have a big game.

Joe “Cuddles” Cuddihy: Less than 12 months ago he played his first game against Cambodia without ever picking up a Sherrin before and ended up taking out the BOG honours. Has come a long way since then and will be looking to have a big game here.

James “David” Teague: Loves a bit of a whinge and a nap off the field and has four cats that occupy most of his time but when he is available to play he gives us speed and drive from the back half. Something that will be needed on a ground like this.

Vinh “Diesel” Le: The biggest baby cows in Asia. Vinh Diesel is like family to us here at the Swannies. A selfless player that not only gives us everything on the field but off the field as well.

Matt “Churchill” Barton: The Prez. The wall down in the backline that will wear his opponent like a glove all day. Rarely gets beaten in 1-on-1s and will run all day. 

Tim “Mr. Incredible” Pickert: The main man has returned to the field and has committed himself for the season. Showed encouraging signs in his first full game in years against Malaysia taking strong intercept marks, winning some key 1-on-1s and rebounding from the D50. We’re all excited that he’s back playing.

Hung “Over” Pham: One of the new players to the club who showed promising signs in his first game for the club. Is an in and under player and will be very important for us this year around the stoppages. Will get better as the year progresses.

Pete “Commas are Overrated” Mac: Goal sneak that loves kicking the first goal of the match. Is an endurance runner so we can count on him to run all day.  Crumbing the ball off the talls is what he’ll be doing and hopefully he can kick a few.

Jakob “Silverfox” Medlin: Our most improved player from last year. Only really played the game for about a year but he has picked it up so quickly and that’s because of his dedication to learn and improve his game and because of that he has become a solid defender for us.

Alan “Max” Power: Great to have Alan back in the line up. One of our most important and consistent players throughout last year. Will provide that outside run and use his speed to cut up the opposition. May kick a goal or two.

Pat “Tadhg” Kennelly: First game against Malaysia he told us he was mainly a backman but somehow found his way down forward and bobbed up and kicked two important goals. As a crumbing forward he got to the right spots. A repeat of that would be nice.

James “BnF” Bairstow: One of the more experienced Swannies who will be happy to play anywhere on the day, besides the ruck. Might need him to play the majority of the game in the ruck though.

Billy “Katter” Crang: A happy go lucky kind of guy, old Billy is. If his body holds up, he’s an absolute warrior on the field. Loves a contest and is a competitive beast.


Warner “Davey” McMahon: His favourite player was the Tiprat and models his game on him. A smart forward who will make the most of his opportunities in front of goal.

James “Boss Baby” Symons: Little nuggety fella that will spend a bit time up forward and rotate through the middle to provide that much needed grunt around the ball.

Brady “Bunch” Miell: One of the new guys, Brady comes to Vietnam after having experience playing with the North London Lions. He’s  a running defender who showed a bit playing his first game with us against Malaysia.