Rowan Luke was huge part of the ongoing success of the Vietnam Swans. As the lynchpin of the Commonwealth Bank in it’s Vietnam heyday Rowan unassumedly took the reigns of the Swans finances when Danny Armstrong headed off to China. Rowan oversaw 5 years of increased financial security of our club whilst providing the freedom for club committees to aggressiely launch our most successful campaigns including local development, our AFLW push via partnerships with the Saigon Gaels and perhaps most famously encouraging touring throughout our playing group leading to our biggest ever result the victory in the 2015 Manila Cup. Anyone who was involved with the Swans between 2011-2015 will attest that with Rowan’s combination of level headed fiscal management and shrewd advice the club was able to expand and secure our future for decades to come.

Years Active – 2011-2015

Inducted – 2015

Position/s – 2 games forward pocket and bench

Awards/Honours – Club treasurer 2011-2015