Wayne’s WorldThe ABC Radio in Adelaide was doing some research 2 days before the Grand Final and stumbled across the Swans website. They emailed us and said they wanted to do an interview on Grand Final Eve.

The Swans gave the ABC a choice: here’s the phone number of a sensible spokesperson from the Swans – and here’s the phone number of someone who will polarise your audience; a Port Power supporter by the name of Wayne “Bubbles” Tinlin.

It was a no brainer for the radio station and so they brought Wayne’s World to the listeners of Adelaide (Mad-elaide for those in the know).  

Without drawing breath, Bubbles described how Port would butcher the Cats as he nonchalently butchered the Queen’s language. He went on to talk about the previous night’s Grand Final Cyclo Parade in Hanoi and the Swans having played their first ever South East Asian Champs earlier in the year (Ed’s note, that would be “Asian Champs”).

With his celebrity status nicely enhanced, Wayne skipped off home to enter the world of sleep. The following day, our celebrity friend thought we were as interested as the ABC and gobbed off again about his Port Powderpuffs – until about the 30 second mark of the first quarter. Thankfully.

Nevertheless, at the business end of the game, the Team photo under the TV screen, Wayne was there. Full credit to him. In one of the more gutsy efforts of anyone associated with Port on that day, Wayne was still wearing his Port jumper and was still able to smile (or grimace)  for the photo above.