AFL Womens (AFLW) was a runaway success in Australia last year and the current season looks to be following suit. With teams popping up across Asia, the movement has caught in Vietnam too! We’re now very pleased to announce the Vietnam Swans Womens team!

Ably led by new Vietnam Swans committee member Chia Sabbatucci, the womens squad had already been hard at training for 2 weeks before Tet (Lunar New Year). Chia told

“With the first official game of the 2018 season coming up, the girls have been training hard and learning the game. I’ve been really impressed with the interest from the ladies in Saigon especially from girls that have never heard about AFL who want to try it out. With a full squad to hit the paddock for the first game I’m hopeful that it will cement the spirit for the season and give the girls the motivation to continue playing and learn more about our great game – AFL.”

Early Promise lead to this Important Milestone

As a Club, the Vietnam Swans have been proactive from the outset of women’s footy in Asia. In addition to regular training, a mixed modified Aussie Rules AFL tournament was the highlight of a partnership with the Saigon Gaels Women’s Gaelic team over several seasons. This paved the way to the FIRST EVER women’s AFL match at the Asian Champs in Saigon in 2016. 

Heather Turkle has shown huge potential in early games and should be an on field leader for Vietnam's first official AFLW team's first ever game this weekend.

Heather Turkle has shown huge potential in early games and should be an on-field leader for Vietnam’s first official AFLW team’s first ever game this weekend.

Don't expect the girls to take it easy!!!

Don’t expect the girls to take it easy!!!

2018 Touring Schedule

A solid playing schedule is already falling into place for the new team. Six games have been proposed, including 4 international tours:

10th March – Vietnam vs Cambodia in Saigon

19th May – Vietnam vs Malaysia in Penang

Early June – Vietnam vs Cambodia in Phnom Penh

1st September – Indochina Cup in Phnom Penh

13th October – Asian Championships in Kuala Lumpur

Find Out More

Contact the Swans via email or Facebook if you’re keen on having run. Whether you’re a woman or a man, young or old, from the North or the South, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for a kick in 2018!