The Centre for Social Protection of Children, also known as the Vung Tau Orphanage, provides residential facilities and care for children in need. Children enter the care of the centre for various reasons such as abandonment or surrender, illness and disability, poverty or family disruption.

Read on for the latest update from Ron and Ailsa Vernon.

A Long Partnership

In 2010 the association between Vietnam Swans and Trung Tam Bao Tre Em (Centre for Protection of Children) Vung Tau/Long Hai was established. In this time the Swannies have visited the children and made significant gifts to the centres. We take so much pleasure from introducing people to the children and dedicated staff at these centres.

Progress at the Centre in 2018/2019

A group of young children were taken in to the Vung Tau Centre in 2018 and as a consequence it was decided to re-open the kindergarten which we helped to establish in 2008. All these children are now enjoying an introduction to their education and a nicely equipped and staffed school room.

Children at the Vung Tau Centre are homeless through many unfortunate circumstances. Some are orphaned and grandparents are no longer able to care for them; parents are sick or in jail; babies abandoned at hospitals; some have been found living on streets. The number of severely disabled children is growing and their health and personal care needs are enormous.

The Long Hai school was established to provide education for children of extremely poor families. These children were working for the family all day. They now go the school for half a day and are free to work for the rest of the day. Each child is given a good, hot meal before leaving. The boys doing motorbike repairs, work all day and it is so rewarding to know many have moved on to get jobs outside the school. The dressmaking class are also very productive and some have moved to employment. Each year they make uniforms for all the students and there is always a need for help to provide the materials for these uniforms. Cannot over stress the dedication of the staff most of whom have been with the school from Day 1.

When we come back each year it is so rewarding to see the progress of the centres and see the children happy and healthy. We are happy to arrange a visit for interested people or just have a chat.

Ron & Ailsa Vernon