The 2019 Cannonball Run Series begins in Phnom Penh on the 11th of May. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this post if you intend to tour!

Updated tour logistics are below


OPTION 1 – VISA ONLINE (highly recommended!)
Process fee online is US$36. The border is; BAVET. You need to upload a passport photo, and a copy of your passport.
OPTION 2 – AT THE BORDER: You will need a passport photo and US$30 in cash.

Please bring an additional $10USD for the immigration process.

Getting to Cambodia

The bus will be leaving HCMC at 5pm from: Centre Point Building – 106 Nguyen Van Troi, Phu Nhuan. Do not be late!

Cost per player for return trip; 400,000 . Payment for the bus needs to be paid to Rodney Stone at training. We will not be collecting money on the bus.


Bookings have been made at the Villa Grange and Okay Boutique (Book on this link).

Getting to the ISPP – International School of Phnom Penh

BUS to the ground Saturday morning will be leaving from a central point at 7:45am – there will be egg and bacon rolls etc available to purchase at the ground.

If you’re not on the bus, you need to make your own way there. The location is here (Google Maps). Don’t get confused, there are other international schools in Phnom Penh… Kerro and Rocket fell victim to this last year!

After Game Function

The after game Function is on Saturday at 1pm at Villa Grange. The location is here (Google Maps). Cost per person $20 for free flow beer, cider and soft drinks, and buffet!

Background on The Cannonball Run

The Cannonball Run began long ago, when records were scant and memories are even hazier.

The first tour to Cambodia was back in November 2007, but it was a bus journey to the 2008 Indochina Cup in Phnom Penh that the idea of a ‘Cannonball Run’ began.

While the game was evenly balanced and the trip provided a few fond memories (including Gus letting down the entire team with a woeful display of beer sculling), it was the 8-hour+ bus trip that was worthy of Swannies folklore.

Potentially on that bus was Scott Stacey, Phil Johns, Danny Armstrong, Rooster, Gus McEwin, Damo and friends, Nick Shiels, Paul Koch, Derrin Limbrick, Fleur, Jerry Jerry and a 4.5L bottle of Jim Beam. The fine session began. Over the next few hours, Nick vomited before the border, Phil was dragged unconscious through immigration, and Scotty’s back was shaved and signed by everyone with permanent marker. Derrin stepped on broken glass and had to go to hospital, while Scotty’s 12 year old son Zakri got a significant education in life.

Ever since, the bus trip to Cambodia has been known as the Cannonball Run. The concept has grown, and we now play a double header against Cambodia each season to decide a trophy. It’s continued to grow with the addition of #AFLW, now on the same dates!

The 2019 Cannonball Run

After the men won the series in 2018, we’ll be keen to keep the heaviest trophy in the known football world. This season, we’ll also be contesting the #AFLW title on the same dates.