The Sainters’ Grand Final Brunch

Above are some photos of the Saigon Saints’ Grand Final Brunch last weekend at the Legend Hotel. It was sold out before tickets even went on sale which was a month before the Grand Final! 279 people attended the function.

The Cafe Latin was packed on both the ground floor and 1st floor with well over a 100 fans. Also reporting brisk trade on the big day were Sheridans and the No. 5 Bar.

In Hanoi, more than 160 people attended the Vietnam Swans Grand Final Party at JASPAS.

Not to be out shone, sleepy ol’ Hoi An also got in on the act. They had 100 people attend a cafe, that is yet to be identified, according to an email received by the blog.

Footy’s a hit in this country. And that’s why they’re all honkin’ their horns. Because they love it.