Vietnam Swans 2008 AFL Grand Final Party, Hanoi
Vietnam Swans 2008 AFL Grand Final Party, Hanoi

We’re still awaiting for the wrap up from the Grand Final Party in Hanoi. However, the pictures to the side, going clockwise from the bottom left, have already been leaked:

1. The ladies prove an AFL Grand Final is more than a man’s game.
2. The crowd watches intently.
3. Willy and Matt enjoy each other’s company while the Jim Beam Party Crew look on – longingly.
4. McCain says, “What Obama I’m not wearing my Swans jumper”.
5. Willy asks one unsuspecting child, “Would you like to buy a Swans jumper?”
6. Hanoi President of the Vietnam Swans, Mr Potsy (a Hawk supporter), puts his arms in the air in triumph after the final siren.
7. The Vietnam Swans Signature Shot – jumping between the camera and the AFL Premiers.
More stories and photos to follow.