ICC (Indochina Cup) is an AFL tournament between ourselves, Cambodia and Thailand. There will be both a men’s and women’s tournament. Check out this PDF for the exact format of the games/tournament.


Saturday, May 18th (all games played on this day). Most people will be flying on the Friday and returning on the Sunday. There will be an event on the Saturday evening.


Siem Reap, Cambodia. Ground location in the PDF document and hotel recommendations are below.


For those that are happy staying in a hostel, book according to the following priority:
1. Onederz Hostel (shared dorms from 150k per night) https://shorturl.at/oABG4
2. The Big Easy Siem Reap (only book if Onederz is full!!) (shared dorms from 140k per night) https://shorturl.at/ivNVY
Both hostels also have private rooms for those that prefer that option.
For those that prefer a hotel, you can select something nearby or follow the recommended list by Cambodia which includes:
1. Memoire Siem Reap Hotel ($30 per night, includes breakfast, $5 for extra person)
2. Memorie D’Angkor Boutique Hotel ($35 per night, includes breakfast, $5 for extra person)


Flights are quickly getting more expensive, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND booking it ASAP. Both coaches are expecting those that confirmed availability to still be available. If this is no longer the case, please let them know ASAP. We understand that flights are a bit pricey, but given the fact that this is the only ‘away’ game in the first half of the year we really appreciate people making the effort to be there. It will also be the final game for some of our Swannies and a great way to send them off!

For more information, please read the PDF here: INDOCHINA-CUP-2024