2 Clubs Intertwined

The Vietnam Swans and Saigon Gaels have a storied history, since the early 20-teens both clubs have enjoyed intertwined development. Swans players have frequently pulled on the Gaels Green and White in tournaments and Gaels have consistently been top performers for the Swans. In fact the first ever Womens AFL game held at the 2016 Saigon AFL Asian Champs was predominently played by the Gael women. Many of whom have formed a key part of the ongoing AFLW development here in Vietnam.

Swans stalwart Billy Crang playing for the Gaels vs the Hanoi Celts.

International Rules Returns in 2021

A highlight of the 2 clubs development has been the St Patricks Days International Rules matches and in 2021 the tradition returns to Saigon. These clashes enable both clubs to meet in the middle combining rules of both games, providing a refreshing challenge and a chance to bring players of both codes together. An added bonus in 2021 is that with international games still up in the air we can introduce each playing group and hopefully encourage further player sharing in upcoming domestic league matches. Already the Gaels are being courted to bolster numbers for our Annual ANZAC Friendship Matches in Vung Tau on the 24th of April.

Swans legend Nat Payne flying for a mark in 2012 at RMIT Saigon.Everyone Welcome

Everything you need to know

When – This Saturday March 13th, Women’s game (Gaelic between Na Fianna and the Gaels) starts at 9:30am, Men need to arrive by 10:30 for team allocation with games starting between 3 mixed squads from 11:30pm-1:30pm before it’s onto Playmakers.

WhereAn Phú Football Fields, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Rules – Women’s match is normal Gaelic rules. The Men’s is essentially it’s AFL with a round ball. We will be allowed to run 10 meters per bounce with 2 bounces (no need to kick to yourself) and tackles with normal holding the ball rules. Marks are paid. Scoring will be Gaelic style with 2 tiers for in net and overs.

After – We’ll be heading to both clubs sponsor bar Playmakers in Thu Thiem for drinks, food and Paddys Day themed tunes right after play wraps up.

What to bring – runners, black shorts, sunscreen, hat, guernseys will be supplied.

Ahead of the day check out some old International Rules Match Reports featuring some club favorites both departed and still standing from March 2012 , October 2012  2013 , 2015 , and  2017!

The Gaels and Swans on tour in Phnom Penh, 2021 is a great chance to rekindle and enhance the relationship between the 2 clubs.