It’s a miracle. It’s a football autographed by the Sydney SwansThe Blog can now reveal that the piece of sporting memorabilia that will be auctioned during the Grand Final in Hanoi on Saturday is a footy! But it’s no ordinary footy.

This footy has been autographed by the entire Sydney Swans 2006 AFL Team.

Ms Trang Bui who is our wonderful model photographed beneath Mr Tran Hung Dao in Saigon, hasn’t yet played footy herself. While on the outside she seems a bit dismissive, secretly, we think she wishes her baby will be a star footballer for the Vietnam Swans.

The footyTrang’s baby is due in January. Just add 18 years and a bit of training and her wish may come true. Good Luck, Ms Trang!

Thank you very much to the Sydney Swans for your support of football in Asia. It’s much appreciated.

Meanwhile, it’s just 3 days to go before the Grand Final. Come along for a fantastic day, match and the opportunity to place the winning bid for a footy autographed by the Sydney Swans.

At the beginning, middle and end of the day, it’s all good.

“I don’t think so, Pal!”Long Shot: I don’t suppose that there’s any chance Trang is actually hiding a footy underneath that dress of hers…