Helen d'Amico enjoys the 1982 Grand Final with Brouce Doull and Jimmy Jess

Helen d'Amico enjoys the 1982 Grand Final with Bruce Doull and Jimmy Jess

Do you remember?

This year’s Grand Final will mark the 26th anniversary of the 1982 Carlton-Richmond Grand Final. It was special because of Helen d’Amico’s famous run in the third quarter chasing Bruce Doull while wearing nothing but her Carlton scarf.

Perhaps more memorable will be this year’s live telecast of the AFL Grand Final in Saigon… For the first time ever, Saigon will host two organised GF events – the long established Saigon Saints Grand Final Brunch and now, the Official Vietnam Swans 2008 Grand Final Party!

As an active footy club, the Vietnam Swans, who hold an awesome Grand Final Party in Hanoi, were naturally very keen to be involved in the hosting of an AFL Grand Final event in Saigon. Accordingly, we approached the Saigon Saints with a proposal for a joint function. After careful consideration, the Saints advised that they preferred to keep total control over their event. It didn’t come as a complete surprise when they informed us given they had put up their Grand Final posters around town five days earlier!!

In Thailand, the Australian Chamber of Commerce hosts an event at a 5 star hotel while the footy club, the Thailand Tigers, host a separate event at Witches Tavern. The two events are successful because they cater to different markets making everyone a winner.

Saigon will be very similar. The Saints have already secured the 5 star Sheraton Hotel and a very solid following. The Vietnam Swans are aiming at a different market that isn’t looking for the “Corporate Box”. Accordingly, as the AFL Grand Final is played at the MCG, the People’s Ground, we believe it’s very fitting to host our Grand Final Party where it is accesible for people – at the People’s Venue (details coming shortly).

It’s amazing to think that, this year, Saigon will host two Grand Final events and the Vietnam Swans will host Grand Final Parties in both Hanoi and Saigon. Footy is actually showing some very positive signs in this country!

Honk yer horn if you love footy!To see a very funny re-enactment of Helen d”Amico chasing Bruce Doull in a Toyota commercial, click on the YouTube video link. “Doully has gone ber-serk…” Very funny.

But will 2008 in Saigon be more memorable than 1982?

Honk yer horn if you love footy.

Honk, Honk.