Saturday SAFL is BACK and it was a heater to start. The Swannies made their way to RMIT on a scorching Saturday morning to start up the SAFL season in style. 

This week’s match up was the Tigers & Vipers vs. the Crocs & Bears. Jono Mackay and newcomer Eoin O’Connell went head to head as our ruckmen to start off the game. Eoin had a stellar first match, displaying his Irish roots and GAA athleticism on the pitch with great runs tiring out the opposing team. The heat was a test for the Swannies as they had limited substitutes on the sidelines. 

The Tigers and Vipers had a dominant first half of the game. With possession in the midfield held and orchestrated by Tishy Tishler, the Tigers and Vipers were able to knock 6 goals on the board. Cam King’s shiny new boots did the trick, kicking 3 goals over in the first half. Alana Banana Devenny was the solo female playing in this SAFL game, and definitely made her mark. Using her marathon cardio and running around the men, Alana made several great passes and kicks up and down the wing to move the Tigers/Vipers into space. The score at half time was 39-20 for the Tigers/Vipers. 

The Crocs and Bears stepped it up in the second half, regrouping and pushing Cam P. closer into the forward line to boot 2 goals and get the lights back on the board. Teaguey and Pete Mac bagged 2 each as well, tying up the game in a heated 3rd quarter. The Tigers and Vipers were struggling to defend as the midday Saturday heat got to them.  

The final quarter showed each player digging deep to bring their team up to the lead.  A heated last 3 minutes with a 1 point difference saw each side scrambling for points.  With Jakey Norris joining the Crocs after walking 2000km from Hanoi to HCMC, he brought his fitness and smiles with him on the pitch. He was able to secure the win with a final goal for the Crocs and Bears. 

Cam King might’ve put on a clinic with 5 goals, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Crocs ‘n Bears from stealing the show.  The final score of the game was 61-59 for the Crocs and Bears.  The Tigers ‘n Vipers will be out for revenge next time around. 

Thanks to all who came out to play and support, and for Wayno for reffing.  Stay tuned for our next SAFL game in mid March!