Another hot one for round 2 of the SAFL between the Bears and Vipers vs the Tigers and Crocs with a great mix of young, old, newbies and some old familiar faces running out in the toasty conditions.

In the first quarter, we are starting to see a little trend happening with Cam King tearing it up in the front half dominating and scoring a hatrick in quick succession and looking very dangerous and putting the Bears and Vipers out to very strong 25-9 lead early.

The second quarter was much the same story although with Poodle arriving on the scene he gave Cam something to think about. The Tigers and Crocs stretched the lead out to a 49-22 score line after Tish again just dominated in the centre all afternoon and we also had a fantastic display by Billy in the ruck giving Jono a frustrating day at the office. Forwards Pete and Warner keeping the Bears and Vipers just about in the tie.

After half time, the Bears and Vipers came out swinging scoring 2 quick goals in the quarter with big clearances from Will and Flapper and Jono doing some serious running from the middle and it looked as if the Bears and Vipers might be making a comeback. The highlight of the quarter was seeing club legend Timmy running from the back, gliding through the ground getting onto the end of a ball into the forward 50 and scoring a cracker from distance after having a great day defending and having massive spoils with Vinh Diesel against Warner and Pete all day. 62-30 with one more quarter to go.

The last quarter was massive for Bears and Vipers with Jono looking very dangerous and scoring 2 in 2 minutes from centre bounce and keeping the Tigers and Crocs scoreless but the damage had been done early on and the Tigers and Crocs were able to hang on to a 62-50 score and take the points between them to put the Crocs out in front in the standing with maximum points from 2 games. Tigers and Bears behind them with one win each and the Vipers with the duck egg.

Other players with massive impacts throughout the day were Matty B who was a huge differential keeping the Bears and Vipers attack quiet and even running from the back to slot a big bomb from distance aswell. Alana yet again dominating in the midfield with her constant running around the ball and always being a great option to get the ball out and of course the man in the middle, Wanye West, keeping things in order throughout the day. Great job Wayne.

Don’t forget, get April 6th in the diary right now for the massive game against the Malaysian Warriors. Tell work, the wife, the fella, the kids, chı/anh oi down at the shop, RMIT, April 6th is the the only place to be. If your coming down to compete make sure to let coaches know and if you have people that are coming down to watch they will also need to be on the list to get passed the front gate on the morning.

Also payment for the upcoming season is due and would be greatly appreciated to be paid sooner rather than later so things can move along smoothly and you will get your merch on ANZAC day.

Let’s all get down to training at Hoa Lu stadium D1 every Wednesday night from 7.30pm for a kick before the big day on April 6th.

The AFL is back in full force aswell so get down to our main sponsor Jackaroo in D1 for a nice cold one and get amongst it where you’re always sure to find a swannie lingering around. HOW GOOD? HONK!!!!!!