The Vietnam Swans Grand Final Cyclo Parade

The Vietnam Swans Grand Final Cyclo Parade

Do not be so focussed on next week’s Vietnam Swans AFL Grand Final Parties that you overshoot the Vietnam Swans 3rd Grand Final Cyclo Parade!

On Thursday 25th September, the Grand Final Cyclo Parade will kick off at Le Pub, 25 Hang Be Street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

Basically, it’s a pub crawl through the Old Quarter in Cyclos dressed up in club colours. Everyone dresses up in their favourite footy colours (Adam usually dresses in Richmond’s colours as “A Tribute to 9th Place”). Not surprisingly, most of us will be wearing our new Vietnam Swans jumpers.

It’s great fun and gives the Vietnamese another opportunity to reflect upon the strange ways of foreigners. Back in Australia, the event is seen as a novel curiosity and so, last year, the Herald Sun carried a photo of organiser, Micky J in his Cyclo on the night.

The fun will start at 6pm on Thursday 25 September at Le Pub, 25 Hang Be Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi. The price is 200,000VND. All are welcome and bookings are essential (because we need to book the cyclos!). Contact Le Pub, Micky J or for further information.