(Induction speech made by Mick Francis)

It’s a great honour to be able to speak on behalf of the Vietnam Swans to introduce Travis into the Hall of Fame. 

Trav’s journey started way back at the inception of the footy club in 2002, so that’s 15 years in the making. Over those years Trav has shown qualities of loyalty, dedication, work ethic and mateship in all aspects of the club from player, committee man, coach, major sponsor, leader and now he is a true statesman of our club.

As a player the word “Silky” comes to mind. A beautiful kick of the football he is a Rolls Royce of a player. His racking right foot boot set up many a chance for our forwards. He was always organising his backline and asking any effort from midfields to f@#$ing run back. He was a leader on field and when he spoke people listened.

Committee Man – Trav showed the same qualities as he did on the field. His commitment to the club was shown when the great dismissal occurred of 2010. He showed his loyalty and the passion for the club – it doesn’t matter who you are don’t mess with the club! Trav reminded us that this club is always bigger than 1 person.

Major Sponsor – Putting his money where his mouth is Trav’s company Wide Eyed Tours is our major sponsor and will continue into the future. I think 5 years so far. To support the club in this way he once again shows his loyalty and passion for this club. For all we want to achieve as a club it takes money to make it work. Without Trav’s financial commitment than the club will not be able to achieve its goals the way it would like.

Trav is the perfect bloke to have here in the Centre of Vietnam to develop it with the support of the club. The Swannies will continue to grow, as we have seen this weekend we know what can be achieved, we look forward to this event becoming an annual fixture on our calanders and to be bigger and better each year.