2021 saw The Swans not being able to play another international rival on ANZAC Day, this has presented us a unique opportunity – the (re)launch of the Vietnam Football League which was initially played on the same field in Vung Tau during the war in the late 60s, early 70s. 

In this case we’re able to join our Southern Saigon AFL League and Hanoian Gaelic and AFL League teams together forming 4 hybrid clubs. 6 games were played on the day so we now have seen each team head to head and on early form – the Langurs and Vung Tau Vipers (on their home deck!) are the team to beat in 2021 winning 3 straight games and maintaining a percentage of 1260!

Check out the incredible images and scores from the game by game summary below:

Game 1 – Crabs + Crocs vs Bears + Buffalos

The first game of the much anticipated Vietnam Football League saw the off field banter cease and on field action commence. Ironically the clear champions of off field banter – the Crabs + Crocs were fast out of the blocks comfortably accounting for the Bears + Buffalos. Could they keep putting their money where their mouths are throughout the day?

Game 2 – Langurs + Vipers vs Herons + Tigers

A closer game than the scoreboard indicates the Langurs + Vipers were just able to put it on the scoreboard. Slightly more organized team structure saw the Herons + Tigers turn it over a bit too much to apply any meaningful scoreboard pressure.

Game 3 Langurs + Vipers vs Crabs + Crocs

The Langurs + Vipers had the much feared double up but didn’t let it get to them in the slightest going 2-0 on the day. The power of having women players hitting the scoreboard became apparent as the wasteful Crabs + Crocs weren’t able to score a goal. The Langurs + Vipers had emerged as the VFL front runners!

Game 4 – Bears + Buffalos vs Herons + Tigers

Both teams entered Game 4 looking to get a first win up and in a low scoring affair either team could have. In the end it was the experienced veterans of the Bears + Buffalos who got the job done with both Tommy Sullivan and Grant ‘Pip’ Keating scoring majors to take the win.

Game 5 – Herons + Tigers vs Crabs + Crocs

Facing the daunting back to back game vs the Crabs + Crocs (who curiously were the only team to not endure back to back games in the 40 degree heat!) the Herons + Tigers were facing a winless first day of VFL footy. in a bit of a shootout the girls hit the scoreboard big time with 2 goals from each team. In a tense second half the Herons+Tigers were able to keep their noses in front and take a narrow win avoiding being the only winless team on the day.

Game 6 – Langurs + Vipers vs Buffalos + Bears

After so much footy scoring was becoming close to impossible on heavy legs. The Langurs + Vipers had just enough in the tank to account for the Buffalos + Bears and carry a clean sheet through round 1 of the Vietnam Football League games. THe backline deserving the plaudits after giving up only 5 points all day for an incredible percentage of 1260% meaning the rest of the league will be chasing them for the rest of the season.

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