Life Members
  • Nicholas “Nicko” Shiells
    Nicholas “Nicko” Shiells

    Years Active: 2008 - 2014

    Inducted: 2013

    Position/s: Centre and forward (never backline)

    Awards/Honours: Saigon President, Saigon Committee


    Nicko’s passion for the Swannies and for footy in Asia knew no bounds. On the field, he loved nothing more than bursting through a pack and unloading a raking kick at goal. Upon booting a goal at his so-called Vung Tau “Dog Track of Pain” on ANZAC Weekend, Nicko’s clenched fists would push down to the ground. The veins in his throat would pop out as he roared to the heavens, exhorting more. Off the field, he was a strategic thinker for both the Swannies and Asian footy. His No. 10 jumper lives on with the Swannies.

  • Damien “Damo” Judd
    Damien “Damo” Judd

    Years Active: 2007 - 2018

    Inducted: 2016

    Position/s: Backman, Ruckman


    Damo was a rock for the Swans, steamrolling many opponents as a defender and ruckman. He was the fifth Saigon-based member of the Swans, with a club career stretching all the way back to 2007… right about the time the Swans started winning some games!

    A veteran on tour, very few of the Vietnam Swans have played more games than Damo. His return to Sydney saw all the local bars of Saigon wear black arm bands for a week.

  • Mark “Willy” Williams
    Mark “Willy” Williams

    Inducted: 2016

    Position/s: On Baller, Ruck Rover

  • “Billy” Crang
    “Billy” Crang

    Years Active: 2009 - forever

    Inducted: 2016

    Position/s: Fullback

    Awards/Honours: Captain, Runner-up Best and Fairest


    Billy arrived in Saigon with a limited football pedigree, more interested in heading to the beach than a football field. He unassumingly began training and touring with the club, with his debut on the ANZAC tour to Kanchanaburi way back in 2009 (where the Club enticed him as a photographer). He quickly found success as a key position player in defence.

    Billy was instated as captain of the Swans during one of the semi-regular periods of upheaval that most expat sports will be familiar with. It was in this role that he grew to create a huge impact across all areas of the Club. In a 4-year period he became involved across on and off field issues and helped shape the Club’s ongoing development into what it is today. He continues to support on the committee and uses his experience in the Club’s growth to continually help develop our direction, balancing our past successes and strengths and new opportunities and challenges.

    In 2019 he will head deep into defense in his 11th ANZAC Match in Swans colours, 10th in Vung Tau. It’s a testament to his durability within the Club’s playing group.

  • Adam Macdonald
    Adam Macdonald

    Years Active: 2012 - 2016

    Inducted: 2016

    Position/s: Umpire Extraordinaire


    Adam bought unique level of expertise behind the whistle to the Swans. With a career officiating at the highest level including at a packed MCG on ANZAC Day Adam was able to bring quality and fairness to Swannies games throughout his time in Vietnam. As the hardest job on the field by a mile, a professional and reasonable approach behind the whistle ensures all competitors have a better game experience. Adam was kind enough to travel far and wide with the Swans bringing that level of quality on field

    But on field officiating was just the beginning, as the GM of Hanoi West Lakes Intercontintal hotel Adam provided a huge amount of support to hosting and organizing the Hanoi AFL Asia Grand Final Party during his time in Vietnam. Crowds grew year on year as Adam and his team put on by far the best show in town helping put the Swans Grand Final Party in the North on the map as the biggest and best party in town.

    Adam also gave time to via the Hanoi Committee to continued club development and his insights from the highest levels of the sport in Australia were huge in our growth through his time in Vietnam.

  • Dan “Crazy” Hopkins
    Dan “Crazy” Hopkins

    Years Active: 2009 - current

    Inducted: 2016

    Position/s: Centre Half Back, Full Back

    Awards/Honours: Hanoi Committee

  • Dan Morrison
    Dan Morrison

    Years Active: 2012 - 2017

    Inducted: 2017

    Position/s: Backman

    Awards/Honours: Saigon Committee

  • Kyle Hackenberg
    Kyle Hackenberg

    Years Active: 2010 - present

    Inducted: 2018

    Position/s: Forward

    Awards/Honours: Saigon Committee (2012-2015)


    Kyle is our 8th inductee as a Life Member of the Swans.

    Big Kyle turned up at training in mid-2010 aged 43 not having touched, let alone kicked, a Sherrin Footy in his life. Over the years, Kyle built a reputation of always supporting his mates and having a go. He was as tough as they come, never taking a backward step. His old rugby league skills were unique amongst the Swans, especially his “don’t argue” fending. Kyle even kicked a few goals over the years.

    Off the field, Kyle fulfilled many support roles for the club by assisting the committee over a few seasons. He was also a regular at grand final events, becoming a legend for his raffle selling abilities. He also supported training with the best drinks selection. Most importantly, Kyle always reached out to new members to make them feel part of the Swannies.

  • Andrew “Andy G” Glendinning
    Andrew “Andy G” Glendinning

    Years Active: 2012-forever

    Inducted: 2018

    Position/s: Midfield, Forward, Coach

    Awards/Honours: Manila Cup & Multi ICC Winning Coach


    Andy G is our 9th inductee and bought a strong footy pedigree to the Swans as a player. Dangerous around the stoppages and with an uncanny goal sense, Andy added wily experience to the Swans and could be relied on in clutch games.

    It was during Andy’s 3-year stretch as player-coach that the Swans won several Indochina Cups and also the Club’s first major tournament win against all-comers: a stirring victory at the Manila Cup in 2015. He’s always helped off-field, volunteering at key events like our Grand Final Parties and ANZAC Day games in Saigon.

    Andy’s family have become a part of the Swans. His bucks was a memorable Swans tour to Bangkok, his wedding to the beautiful Yen one of the greatest Swans functions ever and Kien had become a regular fixture on Swannies tours by the ripe age of 1 year old!

    With a comfortable family life built in Saigon connected to the Swans, Andy G will long be a huge part of our club’s continued growth.

  • Ron and Ailsa Vernon
    Ron and Ailsa Vernon

    Years Active: 2010 - present

    Inducted: 2019


    Ron and Ailsa have been a huge part of the charitable activities that surround the ANZAC Friendship Match. They’ve supported the Centre for Social Protection of Children for a long period of time, raising over $100,000 AUD (at last count) to assist disadvantaged children.

    In addition to a strong history of supporting charities in Vung Tau, Ron actually played in the team that claimed the very first premiership of the Vietnam Football League. These days, Ron speaks at the ANZAC Friendship Match to pass on the key messages he’s learned to the next generation of players. As a player at the Vietnam Swans, it’s an honour to be addressed by Ron and it’s an essential part of the ANZAC Friendship Match.

    In 2019 (on the eve of awarding Life Membership to Ron and Ailsa), Phil Johns interviewed Ron about his work with charity and his reflections on the ANZAC Friendship Match:

    The Vietnam Swans are very grateful for Ron and Ailsa’s ongoing support. You might also be interested to read our interview with Ron and Ailsa from 2018.