Where are they now?
  •  October 4, 2021

    Mark Stennet was a deadly small forward for the Swans and left a big mark on footy in the region. Stenno was a big driving force behind Auskick with his co-Mayor of Thao Dien Kevin Hornblower and was instrumental in […]

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  •  September 20, 2021

    Year first got involved with Swans? 2008 Year left Vietnam? 2010 Playing Number(s) worn? 19 – Had to dig the jumper out to remember that one. Positions played most often? Generally wandered around the middle. What got you involved with […]

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  •  June 24, 2021

    Where are they now is a new series where we will catch up with some of the 1000’s of characters who have made this club what it is today. Strewn across the planet we’re expecting some outstanding responses! Somewhat ironically […]

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